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When bathrooms are your friend? In this episode, Recode’s Kara Swisher talks to a company called Bathroom Wall Tiles. 1:20 | Read the transcript Kara Swider: How did you end up building these bathrooms? Is this a new concept for you? Jason DeMuth: Well, BathroomWallTiles actually has been around for quite a while, so I guess they just had a few requests. And they were really keen on building these toilets and theres really no reason why anyone shouldn’t be able to. Kara Swinger: Theyre not actually a toilet. Theyre a shower. Jason De Muth: [laughs] Kara Swiver: So youre a private company, right? So theres no one else making these? Jason: I guess so, but they were kind of in a position where they could get away with that. And theres a lot of plumbing and all the stuff that goes into making these toilets, so they just wanted to do a good job of it. And so theyve really built up a nice business and a really good relationship with the people that make the plumbing. Kara: They also say that theyre going to use your money to buy more bathrooms. Jason: Yeah. Thats really cool, so we are really excited about that. But theres still some stuff we need to do to get these bathrooms into people’s homes and into the communities, and thats what were going do. So theyre doing a bunch of stuff like adding some more bathrooms, and then weve got a lot more stuff in the pipeline, but we are in the very early stages of building these restrooms. So thats really exciting. Kara, I want to ask you about the bathroom wall tiles. You said youve built this thing, but I guess it could be a lot longer than that. Jason Reif: Yeah, theres some things that I cant talk about just yet, but yes, theyre really nice. Kara swisher: So they’re kind of like a shower? Jason Reign: Exactly. Kara’s in the middle of an

about the future of plumbing, so she asks about bathrooms, so youre gonna have to excuse me.Jason, can you explain what bathrooms are?Jason?Jason.Jason.So what bathrooms

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