When a bathroom remodel is your last resort

In this case, the renovation was for the kitchen and bathroom at a home in Michigan.

The homeowners had purchased their house in 2010 and were living in a renovated garage.

The house had been vacant for years and they had been building a new home.

The owners were looking to upgrade the kitchen area of the home and were considering purchasing a new bathroom.

They decided to install a new shower for the house and had to go back and look at the bathrooms.

They also wanted to upgrade their existing bathroom, but they didn’t have any space.

When the remodel was done, the owner was shocked to find that the bathrooms had been completely renovated and the space was now perfect for a large-scale bathroom renovation.

They wanted to go to a similar home for the bathroom renovation but they had no space available.

That’s when they had a change of heart.

So they decided to build a new one and get rid of the old one.