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What you need to know about the new Delhi ‘bathroom bill’

New Delhi: A government panel has recommended the creation of an “unofficial” “babysitting system” for women to “improve hygiene, reduce the incidence of diseases, and reduce the stigma of menstruation”.

According to a draft report submitted to the Cabinet on Thursday, a “babsitting system will allow women to work in the fields, in the kitchen and in the toilet to provide comfort, ease discomfort and make them feel more comfortable in the household”.

The proposed system will be a part of the overall National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) programme, which has been proposed to be implemented from March next year, said the draft report.

The panel, headed by the chief minister, will meet in the week ahead to review the report, which is expected to be completed by April, sources said.

The proposed bill was submitted to cabinet by the Delhi Women’s Commission (DWCC), which has urged the government to implement the draft.

The DWCC has also said the bill will help reduce the “sexual harassment and assault” faced by women in public places.

The draft report also said “no other country” has introduced such a scheme.

The proposed system would also be mandatory for women who want to work outside their home.

The bill would not apply to private houses and “all workplaces will have to adhere to the same guidelines”, the report said.