What to know about Ikea’s bathroom cabinet, bathroom fixtures and more

By Laura McNeillReutersIn a world of increasingly cheap consumer goods, one item is always the last one to go: the bathroom cabinet.

A $3,200 kitchen drawer is the most popular, but it’s just as likely to be the first thing to go.

In the early 1980s, Ikea opened a retail shop in Helsinki.

As the furniture company moved into the Finnish market, it added a large number of its own brand of products, including toiletries, home furnishings and kitchen appliances.

But when the brand lost its foothold in the country in the 1990s, it moved into a different market altogether.

A few years later, a small group of Finnish citizens started a campaign to save Ikea.

They launched a petition, petition.ibtimes.com ikeas bathroom cabinet was a popular item in the shop, which was often a part of the family.

A photo of a cabinet on a shelf in the lobby of the store shows its original white-washed and greyed finish, along with the words “The only thing that I want in my bathroom is the toilet”.

The cabinet became a popular object of affection in the years that followed.

A collection of the cabinet is on display in the Finnish Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki.(Ikea / Courtesy of the artist)But the cabinet has since fallen into disrepair.

A recent visit to the store by Reuters found a few shelves still in use, but only two toilets and no toilets for the cabinet.

There were also signs of wear and tear from use, although the Ikea website says that “all toiletries are thoroughly washed”.

In an email, Ikeas spokeswoman, Karina Stelmakas, said that “the cabinets are now in good condition and there is no doubt that the owner is a well-trained professional who is doing a great job”.

Stelmaks said the cabinet was the only one of the many products that the company offered in the store.

Ikeas bathroom fixtures, toiletries and kitchen utensils are displayed in the bathroom of the shop in the early 1990s.(Ikarusu Mika/Associated Press)The company’s other product, the bathroom fixtures are on display.

They’re in the same condition as the toiletries but the company also added an “Ikean” logo to each of them.

The cabinet, however, is no longer in use.

In an email to Reuters, StelMakas said the fixtures had been used by the store for many years and that it was in “good condition”.

Ikamas cabinet is the only item of furniture in the Ikeas collection that is no more.

The company is selling the cabinet, along.

(Ikema/Associated Images)The toilet and toilet paper were also removed.

Stelmaras spokesperson said that the toilet was “in the process of being removed” but that the “lack of toilet paper and the lack of a fitting is the reason for the current state of the product”.

The toilet is now on display at the Finnish National Museum in Helsinki, where it is being auctioned for the first time.(Ikioskuranta/Wikimedia Commons)”The toilet was in good shape and we believe it will be displayed in good standing in the museum,” she said.

“We are selling the toilet to the best bidder and the seller has to fulfil the conditions of the sale.

The buyer has to meet all the requirements.”

A spokesperson for the National Museum said the toilet will be “a rare piece of furniture”.

In a statement, the museum said it “is looking forward to showing the cabinet to the public and providing it with a warm welcome in the future.”

“The toilets in the exhibition will also be on display,” it said.

“The collection will remain in its original condition until the buyer makes a payment.”

The toilet will remain on display until the sale is complete.

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