How to Make a Small Bathroom with Bathroom Rusted Out!

The next time you’re cleaning your bathroom, think about how you can add some charm to it with a little rustic charm.

Whether it’s using a small mirror that’s hanging from the ceiling, or a small wall of rusted wood, there are a ton of fun ideas for adding some rustic flair to your bathroom.

For this tutorial, we’ll be creating a small bedroom bathroom for the new husband.

You can check out some of the ideas here on Etsy, or use these suggestions for your own bathroom.

For the bedroom bathroom, I started with a mirror hanging from a ceiling in my living room.

This is a very simple project, but I think it really helps the bathroom look more modern and contemporary.

The idea is that the mirror will add a modern look to the bathroom and add some texture to the room.

This little mirror is hanging from my ceiling, so you can easily hang it from the wall.

The whole process took about 20 minutes.

The first step was to buy a pair of old mirror frames, but you can also use old wooden furniture if you want.

The idea is to hang the mirror from the front wall, so that it can hang in the wall without getting in the way of other furniture.

The way I made it was to use a little piece of lumber to hold the frame up, and then attach a piece of chain to hold it down.

I also attached a couple of hooks to the frame.

After attaching the frame, I decided to add some rusticity to the bedroom.

I used a small piece of wood to attach the mirror to a wall in my bedroom.

This made it easier to hang and secure the mirror.

Then I made a little hole in the bottom of the mirror, and attached the hook to the back of the piece of wall.

I then attached the chain to the wall with the chain.

This left me with a hole in my wall.

Next, I added a small wooden chair, and hung the mirror on the chair.

I attached the chair to the mirror with a piece on the chain, and I hung the chair next to the closet door.

Here’s the finished bathroom.

This little bathroom has been going on for about 3 months, and it looks great.

You can see that the mirrors have been hanging off the wall since it’s been hanging in the living room since I bought it.

You could easily put it up in the bedroom if you wanted, or you could simply hang it on the wall if you don’t want it hanging from your ceiling.

If you decide to make a bathroom out of this, you can see how easy it is to get it working. Enjoy!