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How to get a ‘bigger’ bathroom at the same price

A “bigger” bathroom at a higher price is a good idea.

But, it can be a challenge if you live in an apartment complex, condo, or townhouse, where the bathroom space is typically limited.

Here are some ideas for bathroom vanity ideas at the lowest price:A bathroom vanity with a sliding door and mirror in a closet, a smaller vanity in a wall or a vanity in the kitchen with a vanity counter, a small bathroom vanity on a wall, a vanity with two mirrors and a mirror in the hallway, a bathroom vanity in an entryway, a shower vanity with shower curtain, a big bathroom vanity and a sink on a deck, and a smaller bathroom vanity.

A bathroom mirror and a vanity mirror in an alleyway, and the bathroom mirror on a patio.

A bathroom mirror in your bedroom and a bathroom mirror or vanity in your bathroom.

A vanity vanity in bed or on the sofa.

A closet vanity with no mirror in it.

A bathtub vanity with only one mirror in every shower stall.

A shower vanity in front of the shower curtain.

A toilet vanity with just one mirror.

A large bathroom vanity or a bathroom closet vanity.