How to clean your bathroom: 10 tips

The Bathroom mat comes in various sizes, from 1″ to 6″ long and has a rubber pad inside to absorb the water.

If you’re not using the pad, the pad can help absorb the excess water in your bathroom.

Here’s how to clean it: 1.

Rinse your bathroom mat with water.


Use a sponge and a soft towel to clean the mat.


Apply a mild soap to the pad.


Using the pads side, wash it gently.


Dry the pad with a soft cloth.


Use the pads top to apply a coat of spray paint.


Brush the paint over the mats surface.


Let the paint dry completely.


Rin it with water again.

You can also use the bathroom mat as a floor mat if you’re using it as a towel.

For more ideas on how to do these bathroom decor sets and bathroom accessories, check out our tutorial on how you can use them.

The Bathrooms mat is great for adding some colour to your bathroom, and for adding texture to your home.

It can be used in a variety of ways, such as a vanity vanity mirror, a bedside table, or as a bathtub mat.

You’ll find a whole range of different bathroom mat designs on Etsy, so be sure to browse around and see what’s available!