Ceramic tile

Bathroom paint colors? I’ve got it…

The BBC Sport toilet and shower has a new bathroom paint job. 

The new paint job is called “Warmth” and comes in two shades: Warm and Warm and Sexy.

The “Wet” is for those times when the toilet and showers have a cool breeze blowing in.

“You can find it on the toilet itself, or in the shower, so it looks like a normal water-based paint, and it works really well,” says Mark Dyer, marketing director at the company.

It’s not just the colours that have changed.

The toilet also has a different colour scheme.

There are new tiles in the bathroom. 

“There’s a lot of the original tiles, there’s also some new tiles that were added, as well as some brand new tiles,” says Dyer.

For people with dry or cracked toilets, Dyer suggests the new tiles might help.

A new tile in the toilet. 

But Dyer warns that it may take a few months for the tiles to be installed, so you might want to wait for the whole new set to be put in.

“We’d rather you wait until you can have the toilet repaired, then you can be back to having a fresh flush of fresh water, but you’re probably not going to have a fresh toilet any time soon,” says Dr Matthew Gossett, a toilet and washing machine specialist and former head of the UK’s National Health Service.

The new toilet is due to be available to customers on Thursday.