Which bathrooms should I use?

The most popular bathroom items in the United States, according to a survey from the Pew Research Center.

Read MoreA new study from the National Association of Public Health Outreach Centers found that in the U.S., a quarter of households have at least one bathroom in the home.

In a poll conducted last year by Pew Research, one-third of Americans reported that they have one or more bathrooms in their home.

The study also found that Americans are more likely to say that they do not want to use their bathroom for a week or longer than in the past.

The study said that the most common reason for not using the bathroom for longer than one week was a lack of space.

But for those who said they did not want their bathrooms to be crowded, the study found that most respondents said they had no problem with their privacy being invaded.

The survey found that there were no significant differences between the genders.

Women were more likely than men to be unhappy with bathrooms.

Women are more often unhappy with their bathrooms, and are more apt to report that the bathroom in which they live is not clean and tidy.