Small bathroom remodels, dehumidity cleaners for sale in Saskatoon

Small bathroom renovation, de-humidifiers and dehumification machines are available for sale at a Saskatoon garage sale.

The items are being sold through The Garage Sale and include a few small bathroom renovation items as well as dehumifications, and de-icing equipment.

“I was really shocked that this was actually happening in the city,” said Linda Knecht.

Knech owns Knekt, a small furniture store in the same building as the garage sale, and said she knew it was possible to find items at the garage sales for $50 to $80.

She says she thought the items would be sold to people with limited budgets, and didn’t expect to see so many items for sale.

“It’s kind of a surreal feeling,” said Knect, adding she was surprised when she first saw the listings for the items on the garage sellers website.

“People were just kind of shocked that we’re actually seeing this happen.”

The garage sale is just one of a number of garage sales being held across Saskatoon, and organizers are encouraging people to attend.

“We are hoping that people will take advantage of this opportunity to make sure that this never happens again, and to make this kind of change that we want to see,” said Paul Smith, with The Garage Sale, which organizes the event.

“There’s a lot of people who are working hard, and who are trying to make a change and a change that is beneficial to people.”