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NHL to offer $250 million to help people with ‘bathroom’ ideas

By Mike BresnahanThe NHL is looking to offer more than $250million in funding to help young people who have a desire to have their own bathroom.

The league announced Wednesday that it is going to fund $250,000 per year to the National Institute for Sexual Health, which is working to help build a community of transgender people across the country.

“As the NHL continues to grow and embrace new and emerging audiences, we want to help our fans learn more about and be a part of the community,” NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said in a statement.

“The NHL wants to make sure we’re providing the right support to our fans and the health of our players, as well as to the players themselves.”

The announcement follows a meeting with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force in January.

The task force was formed by the NHL to promote health and safety in sports.

“We are confident that we can be an incredible partner in this endeavor and we look forward to continuing to work with them,” Daly said.

The NHL said it has also committed $500,000 to support an online service that provides information and resources to help transgender people find appropriate restrooms.

The National Institute of Mental Health has been working with the league and the U.S. Department of Education to find ways to reach transgender youth, and has also established a National Center on Transgender Health and Rights.

The team at the University of Texas Health Science Center, which has a $2.3 billion research fund, announced last year that it was adding a $50,000 grant to support the research.