IKEA bathroom cabinet: $5.5 million bid for $20,000 in parts

IKEAs bathrooms are the most versatile, but they can be expensive.

A $5,000 bid from Ikea is about the equivalent of $20 worth of parts, said Tom Kratz, senior vice president of commercial real estate at KKW Residential.

The $20k bid would get a full-sized bathroom cabinet for $5 million, which includes the wall, ceiling and walls, Kratzz said.

The bid also includes plumbing, carpeting, lighting and the interior walls and ceilings.

ikeas bathrooms are a great deal, but the bidding was a little high for a home that was $20 million to $40 million, said Kratzi.

The bid also doesn’t include a basement or crawlspace.

You have to have a garage, but that’s pretty expensive, Krakow said.

Krakow added that Ikea could make a bid for the entire home if the bid includes all the parts, which would cost about $20M, with some of that money going toward the construction of the new home.

In order to make that happen, Ikea would have to secure a site in the Chicago area.

More than 10,000 bids have been received since January and the bidding process has been open since June, according to Krakows.

Last week, Ikeas website listed a $3.3 million bid on the first of three homes in its Ikea Home Collection.

According to the listing, the homes will be located in Chicago, New York and Washington D.C. They are the first homes in the collection to be sold and the first to be available for pre-sale.

Ikeas Home Collection is an interactive experience where visitors can explore and purchase all of the homes in their collection in one place.

There are currently 18 homes in IKEAS Home Collection, and it’s estimated that they will sell for more than $100M, Krekosw told ABC News.

As for the new homes, Krenz said that the company will focus on adding more homes in order to provide a wide range of products for consumers, which will help it grow.

 “We have been focused on offering quality and affordability to consumers for the last 20 years, and now we are ready to deliver on that promise,” he said.