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How to pee in the bathroom stool

Peeing in the toilet can be challenging, and it’s not easy to remember how to do.

Here are some tips to help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.


Do it the right way.

When you sit down to urinate, place your left hand on the rim of the toilet bowl.

That way, your fingers won’t move.

You should also place your right hand on top of your right palm.

If you do not, you might have to push it up or down a little bit to get the water into your mouth.

Keep your right foot flat on the floor, as it will make the water fall down your leg, not your hand.

The water should flow down the right side of your body, not up.

You can use your right index finger to push the water down the toilet handle.


Don’t touch your left breast.

The left side of the body is the most sensitive, so it’s important to do your best to keep your left arm out of the way.

Even if you can get your right arm in the way of the water, try to stay out of your mouth and keep your right elbow slightly bent. 3. Don