How the toilet hook came to be a fixture in the bathroom

When I first saw my first toilet, it was just a plastic piece of toilet paper wrapped around a piece of cardboard and that’s all.

The piece of paper was from my grandparents and I just loved it.

But then I got a second one and I thought, “This could be fun”.

I’ve never done a bathroom and I’ve never cleaned the toilets in the house, but I’ve always wanted to try and use a toilet in the home.

I just had to try it out.

I just needed to have a good look at it and I got really excited.

It was pretty cool.

In fact, when I got home, I just opened the box and was like, “Oh my God, this is what I’ve been waiting for.”

I thought it was going to be an easy job.

Once I was able to remove it, I was like ‘Wow, this looks amazing.’

It has this little hook on the bottom and when you put it on, it’s like an electric motor.

So I could turn it on and off, and I could just take it out and use it as a towel rack.

My dad took it out to use the washroom, and it worked really well.

It was so easy to get it out of the toilet and onto the floor and it was so light and flexible.

And I think that’s what made it so fun to try.

I was always trying to find ways to use my bathroom, so I decided to do that.

Now, I’ve got my second toilet, but it was always like ‘Why would I need a second toilet?’

It’s so light, so small, so tiny.

It’s not like you could go out and buy a second bathroom.

So I thought I would just have one.

I decided I wanted to use one.

It didn’t take too long, and my dad said, “I’ve had your toilet for a couple of years now, and he’s always been really excited to see it.”

It just felt like a perfect fit.

After using it for a while, I realised that it really does work really well and it feels really good when you’re using it.

It feels really comfortable.

I’ve used it in the shower, the bath and the shower stall.

This is the bathroom with the toilet, which I used to do my bath, and that one is just a picture of what it feels like.

I didn’t really like the other one, but the toilet was still so fun.

For a second, I thought it could be an amazing toy.

At first, it felt kind of gross, but after I got used to it, it actually made me feel really good.

When you put the toilet into a bowl, it kind of just goes to the side, so you have to keep it very close to the floor.

You have to be very careful because the bowl will break if you try to put it into the toilet.

There are two parts to the toilet that are really, really cool.

The first part is the bottom of the bowl.

It has this rubber strip on top, and when the bowl hits the toilet paper, it just goes right up the back of the paper.

The bowl then slides around and you can actually turn it inside out.

That is the main thing that makes it fun to use, because you have this little piece of plastic that slides on the floor, and the bottom part of the plastic is just this little bit of rubber strip.

It just sits in between the paper and the paper, and then the rubber strip comes down, and you just flip it and it goes right on top of the sheet of paper.

So that is the best part of it.

The second part is where the toilet comes together.

The bottom of it has a little strip on it, and at the top, there is a little bit more plastic that sits on top.

Toilet paper, or paper towels, is the material that goes inside the bowl to make the bowl feel really nice.

The plastic underneath the paper is just the same as the bottom.

It makes the bowl really nice and comfortable.

On the toilet itself, you just have a piece that sits in the bowl and there is this little thing on top that is actually a bit of a hook, which is sort of like a zipper.

When you put a towel on top and turn it, that zipper will come down.

It is a very secure and durable way to get towels in there.

It also means you can use the toilet when you don’t want to.

If you have a baby, I think it’s very important for the parents to have their toilet with them so that the baby can use it too.

Every time I’ve had the toilet in there, my son has been really