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‘I didn’t even know this was a bathroom’: Caddy, toilet paper and paper towels at Trump’s New York hotel

Trump is going after the bathroom of his New York apartment, and the president’s staff is using the tactic to make the case for why he’s a good guy.

As The American Conservatives reports, “Trump’s personal bathroom at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, is the largest in the United States and is a common sight in other major cities across the country.

But it is the first in a new building where he has opted to take on the public space as his personal residence.”

In the hallway is a large, white bathroom stall, a bathroom caddy, a toilet paper dispenser, and several rolls of toilet paper.

Trump’s aides have also created a large white toilet paper container at the end of the hallway.

It’s designed to be used for storing towels and toilet paper, as well as for emptying water bottles and other water sources.

The Trump Organization is paying for a wall that will be painted white and be made of wood.

Trump has also made several trips to his luxury Mar-A-Lago estate, and he recently had a special shower for himself, which he shared with his family.

On Tuesday, the president was seen cleaning the toilet of his apartment, wearing a mask and holding the caddy and a toilet in one hand and a paper towel in the other.

He then took the toilet paper out and placed it on the floor next to the toilet.

Trump was then seen using the caddies toilet paper roll dispenser to clean his bathroom sink and his shower, then going into his apartment to get towels and towels to use for his shower.

“This is just what you do when you’re a billionaire and you’re having a bad day,” a source told The American Progressive.

The White House has been accused of violating the Constitution by spending millions of dollars to pay for private security to protect the president.

But this is a new low.

According to The American Heritage Foundation, “a presidential retreat at Mar-af-Lago, where Trump and his family have spent the majority of their time since assuming the White House, has become a source of embarrassment to the family, and a source for controversy.

While Trump’s private quarters are not a public place, he has routinely attended the private functions of the estate, such as the annual State of the Union address and the annual Rose Garden signing ceremony.”