How to Find the Perfect Bathroom Sink for Your Living Room

Here are 10 suggestions to help you make your living room sink even more stylish.


The L-shaped countertops can be a little intimidating for newcomers.

Make sure to find a countertop that is a bit wider than your living space.

For the best results, choose a counter with a height that is at least 30 inches, so you can have it hanging over the floor.


Make your sink’s surface more ergonomic.

If you’re a fan of a more flat, rectangular surface, then make sure to buy an 8-inch countertop.

This allows you to place your countertop on a shelf and tilt it down to make it easier to hold.


Make it stand out with a unique design.

Make a counter that blends seamlessly into your living rooms furniture.


Use a different color.

A classic gray bathroom sink can be just the thing to accent your living spaces decor.

For a contemporary look, consider choosing a white or gold-colored one.


Make the counter more durable with a built-in water-proofing system.

A water-resistant countertop makes it easy to keep your counter clean, even when the bathroom is filled with water.


Make something fun to hang.

If your bathroom needs some extra visual flair, make a cute little splash-glass with a different shape or color.


Consider using reclaimed or recycled materials.

These can be used in place of wood or other hard surfaces in your sink.


Use some kind of a splash-proof liner.

You don’t want to put a dampened sponge under the sink, so create a splashproof surface to protect it from the elements.


Consider adding some extra storage to the sink.

If a sink is already full of your household items, then add some extra shelf space to store those items.


Look for sinks with a few different colors.

Make an art piece out of a different colored sink.