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Bathroom organizer gets $50K in a class action lawsuit over bathroom bill

A federal court has awarded a group of bathroom-rights activists $50,000 in damages to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging they were wrongly denied a bathroom.

The suit was filed in 2014 by the American Civil Liberties Union of BC and other groups.

In the suit, the plaintiffs alleged they were denied the right to use a restroom that was identified on their birth certificates as a “bathroom” and a “women’s room.”

They also alleged the government failed to properly accommodate transgender people and people who identify as gender non-conforming in the public spaces they use.

The lawsuit alleged the BC government failed “to adequately protect the rights of transgender individuals and individuals who identify with gender nonconforming” by not requiring them to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender identities.

The government’s response to the suit was not immediately available.